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5G and IoT Special - Russell McHugh and Scott Stonham discuss the implications and future developments

March 5, 2021

(Recorded and released Dec 2020 but due to demand we're re-releasing as a one hour special)

Welcome to our 5G and IoT  Special – I’m  delighted to present an hour of opinion, discussion, information and ideas from  two industry experts on 5G, IoT and Edge Computing. 

Scott Stonham is an independent technology analyst and connector. With a focus on Technologies With Purpose, Scott is passionate about discovering companies using technology to do good for the planet and all its inhabitants. Scott’s work can be found on Please contact him via the website.

Russell McHugh represents a number of startups in the US market in diverse areas: smart Ag, IOT and 5g managed service providers, metering, connected cars and software testing. Contact via LinkedIn.

This is a great and fun podcast where two knowable Industry experts who dissect and analyse 5G, Iot and Edge computing trends, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

And finally, we play out on one of David Bowie’s most incredible pieces of music…

Music Credits:  The geniuses, Ennio Morricone and David Bowie



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