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Drew O’Sullivan - Talks Company Investment and Valuations. What makes a Start Up team work and the Neglect of Product Pricing

August 19, 2021

We’re delighted to have Drew O’Sullivan on the Podcast this week.  Drew is well known in the Start Up ecosystem in Ireland and Europe

He has achieved many things throughout his career but summarises his work mainly as Investor, Advisor and Mentor.

Currently Drew is working with Intertrade Ireland and the European Angel Fund / European Investment Bank.

If you know Drew, I think you’ll know you will get an informed and experienced opinion - and that’s what you get here.  As he says himself he can be a little blunt but it makes for very interesting listening.

We cover three main Start Up topics, the first is Company Valuation, the second is what makes Start Up teams work and Drew has some very interesting thoughts on that.  The third is a topic that is rarely well thought through and that is Product or Service pricing in the market as a Start Up.

I found that Drew’s insights are often against the current conventional wisdom and that makes them more interesting.

You’ll have to forgive two things in this podcast, one is my chesty voice and the second is the interruption by my dog – but I left that in as its amusing.

Otherwise, this is a great podcast covering important topics for Start Up companies looking for investment, wondering what makes their team work and how they should look at pricing their products.


Music Credits:  Morricone, John Flynn, Jon Hopkins


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