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John Wilkinson, Co-Founder and CEO of TMT Analysis talks about Innovation, Mobile Identity, Intelligence and the Future

June 29, 2021

Sometimes you meet people who impress you with their authenticity, insights and thoughts about the industry that they work in, and this week I’m delighted to say we have such a guest.

John Wilkinson, is co-founder and CEO of TMT Analysis, which is a successful Mobile Intelligence and Identity firm.  John’s company provides Mobile Operators, Enterprises, Marketing companies and CPaaS Companies with information on the identity of the Customers that they are targeting with their contact or marketing campaigns.

John has a great insights into this exciting new and fast growing market.  We have a great discussion about how the A2P Messaging market evolved and how it is likely to change in the future.  John sees that identity will become a much more important thing beyond market targeting and believes that it will become an essential part of our online lives.

John delivers all this in a laid back and fun style and ends with a classic music artist he admires.

Also, John’s company are at Mobile World Congress this week if you are attending and would like to meet them.



Music Credits:  Morricone, John Flynn


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