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Our Christmas Special - with Simon O‘Donnell of Athonet - having fun, talking Private LTE and Irish Music

December 9, 2021

There is an extra Irish flavour to this podcast, if our International listeners can bear with us for Christmas.

Firstly, we’re delighted to have Simon O Donnell VP of Athonet Networks.  Simon is from Strabane in the North of Ireland and has been based in Boston for many years.  He’s well known in the Wireless Industry around the world.

Simon has a great back story of how he ended up in Boston and you wont believe what his first job was.

Simon talks through  what Athonet does in a new and exciting area in the Wireless Industry – Private LTE.  He explains all this and gives an amazing Use Case from Fort Worth Texas of how this is helping the local community.

Finally, thanks to all our podcast listeners, we never though this would be such a success when we started it, we’ve had 5,000 downloads and made many new friends.

We do wish all our listeners a safe and prosperous 2022 – enjoy the festive break, enjoy your friends and families and come back refreshed and strong next year.


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