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Rena Maycock - Successful Entrepreneur and Media Commentator talks about starting companies and the current scarcity of Seed Investment

September 22, 2021

We’re thrilled to have Rena Maycock on the Podcast this week.

Rena has an extraordinary career across a range of businesses and has been founder / co-founder with two of them, as you will hear.

Rena has natural Sales and Communications skills and tells us how she first started working with her Co-Founder to develop the very successful Intro Matchmaking ( )  after a chance encounter.  She and her partner identified a market opportunity and they developed the company through the years.  The last year has been the most successful they have had.

Rena explains why this business has been so successful – spoiler alert:  Its their focus selling skills.

Next Rena took some time out to have a child and after being a Parent for a while that she became aware of the dangers of online for Children.  She followed this up and founded Cilter, a deep tech company ( that has developed Intellectual Property to protect children.  She has developed this company to be a credible player in the market.

The scarcity of seed funding  in Ireland is a topic that Rena has views on after her experience with Cilter, the lack of funding for Deep Tech companies that require some level of investment to deliver their Intellectual Property.  This has skewed early stage investment to companies that are already trading.  As she says “There is very little appetite for risk in Ireland”. Hopefully this will be addressed as a structural problem over the next few years.

Rena also writes a column for The Currency a few times a month as an Opinion Columnist.

Music Credits:  Ennio Morricone, John Flynn


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