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Tony Boyle, GM and Co-founder of Sigma Wireless talks about staying relevant in the Wireless Industry and the next area of innovation

September 2, 2021

We’re delighted to have Tony Boyle on the Podcast this week. 

Tony is a well known entrepreneur, both in Ireland and Internationally, in the Wireless Industry.  Having worked for Motorola in the early days, he and his business partner, Michael McGinley, established Sigma Wireless thirty years ago and it is one of Ireland’s market leading Wireless Equipment providers.

Tony has been there for the full range of Wireless Industry developments, from TACS to GSM and now 5G LTE Private networks. He relates an interesting story about the initial projection of sales for Mobile Phones versus what actually happened.

Sigma Wireless is still innovating today and runs a very interesting mission critical network using TETRA technology used by the Public Services across the country.

Tony also gives his thoughts on what made the Sigma Team successful and on where the new innovations in the Wireless Industry will be.

We really enjoyed having Tony on the Podcast and to learn about his ability to reinvent his companies and keep them relevant in the Wireless Industry.

Music Credits:  Ennio Morricone, John Flynn, Willie Nelson


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