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Waheed Adam of iTouch, talks about growing up under Apartheid, Challenges facing the CPaaS Industry and his music

June 9, 2022

We’re delighted to have Waheed Adam, Executive Chairman of iTouch South Africa as our guest on the show.

Waheed grew up under Apartheid in South Africa and he tells us how the discrimination he experienced affected his outlook.  He relates one event in particular that helped give him the motivation to become an Entrepreneur and he also talks about his early business venture even as a student.

We talk about the current state of the CPaaS / Aggregator Industry and discuss three challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that the industry continues to grow and thrive. 

The follow up to this discussion will be addressed by a Panel Discussion at next weeks Mobile Ecosystem Forum Event in Amsterdam on the 15th June at 15:45 CET both Online and In Person.  Waheed and I and the other Panel guests will discuss the way forward for the Industry in more detail.  (Registration Link below)

Finally we find out about Waheed’s philosophy of life and his love for music and he plays out on a classic song by a classic singer.


The Mobile Ecosystem Forum Business Connects Messaging Event in Amsterdam on the 14th and 15th of June is both Online and In Person – you can register here:


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